3d DCA Watch — Snow White and the Cooksferry Queen Edition

It’s a secret, but no secretIt’s a rule, but no ruleWhere you find the darkest avenueThere you’ll find the brightest jewelNow my name, it is MulvaneyAnd I’m known quite famouslyPeople speak my name in whispersWhat higher praise can there be?But I’d trade my fine mohairFor tie dyes and faded jeansIf she wanted me some other wayShe’s my Cooksferry queenShe gave me one pill to get bigShe gave me one pill to get smallI saw snakes dancing all around her feetAnd dead men comin’ through the wallsWell I’m the prince of this parishI’ve been ruthless and I’ve been meanBut she blew my mind and she opened my eyes

She’s my Cooksferry queen

Is there a better artist less appreciated by American audiences than the great Richard Thompson? Holy hail does this guy rock. For that matter so does his son, Teddy Thompson.Oh yeah — it’s Wednesday, and this is (nominally) a South Florida legal blog.Well it’s slim pickings for us hard-core 3d DCA junkies, you know, the kind who wait with baited breath for the coffee-swillers to emit their resplendently robed utterances from the ornately sealed concrete bunker that is their judicial home.Still, there is always something for us to obsess upon, isn’t there?

Alvarado v. Snow White:

Yes, dear readers, the time has finally come for the 3d DCA to issue an opinion regarding Snow White. And Judge Gordon.

Note to Judge Gordon — a few years ago the Florida Supremes wrote this case called Kozel, which sets forth the standards you need to follow before dismissing a case with prejudice for failing to comply with discovery orders. Check it out. There are six factors and you have to make findings and everything.

Hey, what do you know — apparently you have to do this even if the party moving for dismissal is in fact Snow White. Or the Cooksferry Queen.

That’s all kids — I’m putting my headphones back on.