Billy Shears On The Kenny Nachwalter Disqualification

It’s ok Billy, even though I covered the story six days ago, I’m glad you finally got around to doing a piece on it. I guess the difference is that Billy actually, you know, did some digging and reporting and I just sat around in my wind surfing shorts and blogged about it.Here’s my favorite quote from the piece Billy elicited from GT spokesperson Jill Perry:

“We believe the allegations are outrageous and without merit. The case arises from the firm’s appropriate representation of its client,” she said. “We expect to be fully vindicated in this matter through the court process.”

Oh come on Jill, that’s about as generic and nonspecific as you can get. Admit it, you probably have a shortcut key on your blackberry that spits that statement out every time Greenberg Traurig gets in trouble.Well, once you look at it that way, it’s a well-crafted statement.

CORRECTION: I am advised that it turns out the author of this piece is not legendary Sgt. Pepper bandleader Billy Shears, but rather hotshot DBR reporter and boy mechanic Billy Shields. We apologize for any confusion.