Bilzin To Have “Biometric Security Protocols”!

Oh I love all the euphemisms for a good old-fashioned canoodling, but Bilzin has upped the ante, even for me:

The firms says it also has new “biometric security protocols” to ensure authorized access to offices. A spokesman for the firm confirmed that this means handprint or fingerpint ID systems, something like Walt Disney World has at its front gates now.

Sure it does, you sweet talking lawyers you…..

Either way that’s a big improvement on what they used to have, “hot tub security protocols,” but we’re not even done yet:

1.  “missile-impact glass curtain exterior”;

2.  “multipurpose conference rooms featur[ing] movable walls”

3.  “motion-activated lighting and climate control”; and

4.  “a private room for working mothers who are nursing their babies.”

This is either a law office or Doctor Evil’s secret lair. (Or maybe Austin Powers’ Shag Room?)

Congrats, you krazy kids!