BREAKING — Judge Cohen Reveals What the Marlins’ “Special Purpose” Is For!

Excuse me, I’ve really got to start reading things more closely.

It’s not a “special purpose,” it’s apparently some kind of “public purpose”:

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jeri Beth Cohen ruled Tuesday that building a ballpark for the Florida Marlins serves a public purpose — a significant victory for the team and local government in their quest to bring a new stadium to South Florida.”The court is well aware that the building of the Marlins stadium is a contentious and emotional issue in Miami-Dade County,” the judge wrote in the 41-page ruling.’The court is also aware that the citizens of the county are passionately committed to their respective beliefs regarding the wisdom of building the stadium with public monies. Moreover, the court is well aware that more citizens may be opposed to the building of the stadium, even to retain the Marlins in Miami, than in favor of building the stadium,” the judge noted.“These considerations, however, may not sway this court. The job of this court is to examine the facts and apply those facts to the law.”

She said the law backs that stadiums serve a public purpose.

Oh well, she still has to decide the community redevelopment dollars issue once the Florida Supreme Court rules. In the meantime our schools will continue to go to crap, our infrastructure and transportation system will continue to crumble, and our quality of life will continue to decline.

In other words — play ball!