Carvalho: Texting That You “Love And Miss” Mistress Is A Personal Attack

Boy, this is the story that keeps on giving. I really love the way Carvalho has handled the whole emails to his lover thing, because it shows the guy is not ready for prime-time and doesn’t seem able to improvise and deal with a scandal effectively. That, plus I’m totally jealous — Tania, please write us!

Anyway, first he denies it, then he says maybe they’re real, then he says he could retrieve his personal account emails if he wanted to but why would he, then he’s sputtering about how writing love notes to a former Herald schools reporter is some kind of “personal attack.”

Yep, he’s perfect for this town:

But new e-mails sent anonymously to The Herald suggest a more intimate relationship. In one purported message on July 18, 2007 — which the school district said it could not authenticate — Carvalho appears to tell deLuzuriaga: ”I love and miss you too,” in response to a message from her.

A message that appears to be sent from Carvalho’s BlackBerry on Sept. 20, 2007, says: ”Good morning love.” The message was dated six days after deLuzuriaga resigned from The Herald to take a job at the Boston Globe.

Carvalho, 44, issued a statement Monday calling the latest e-mails a distraction and a ”personal attack.” He did not specifically address whether the messages were authentic.

And note how the School Board is covering up for him:

On Monday, a school district spokesman said the district could only retrieve e-mails that Carvalho had saved, and could find none from Carvalho’s private account, though he routinely used that account with his district-issued BlackBerry. The Herald asked for all of Carvalho’s e-mail traffic with deLuzuriaga from 2007 in a public-records request sent three weeks ago.

Huh? Of course you can retrieve deleted emails, just hire a forensic computer guy. That includes the Blackberry too, particularly since the device is school property. (Note to self: ditch Blackberry.)I also love Carvalho’s idea of a love note:

One of the new e-mails suggests that Carvalho had indeed seen some inappropriate messages from deLuzuriaga. In the Sept. 16, 2007, message he purportedly wrote: “Keep texting. Keep clean as my daughter keeps lunging for it with those Carvalho quick reflexes.”

Alberto, Alberto. “Quick reflexes”? That’s not something you want to brag about, know what I mean? And mentioning your daughter? Awkward!

Sheesh, this guy really needs lessons in how to write to a sexy Latina.