David J. Stern Is Just Like Hawkeye Pierce.

Or something like that, according to his attorney Jeff Tew:

“David Stern didn’t create that problem; he is representing banks who are entitled to foreclose. Since he is the visible person, he will get a lot of bad publicity. There’s been a huge train wreck and David is like the surgeon in the ER: He is part of the process.”

Which part, exactly?

Speaking of lawyers doing good things, our friends over at Spencer Aronfeld’s office along with some other legal do-goodnicks will be serving dinner and giving free legal advice to the homeless at Camillus House this afternoon at 5:30 p.m.

All I can say is that’s great and hi Madelyn hi Madelyn hi Madelyn hi Madelyn! 

(Oops, was that out loud?)

Seriously, if you’re free please lend them a hand (and bring Spence a decent pair of tennis shoes so he doesn’t have to borrow from his mother again).