Dear NFL, Welcome To State Court!

slapshot-2812231So I understand some football was played this weekend?And some more will be played tonight, it seems.

Meanwhile the NFL is reeling from this 8th Circuit opinion released last week that allows players to challenge drug tests under their own state laws.

Preemption is great! (Unless it’s bad).

Other sports are affected too:

Meanwhile, the 8th Circuit’s precedent allows players to use state laws to challenge their sport’s drug-testing policies, which could have broader implications for the NFL, the NBA, MLB and the NHL.

“The integrity of competition in any league hinges on uniform enforcement of rules, policies and procedures,” said Deputy NHL Commissioner Bill Daly. “The integrity of any collectively bargained, league-wide drug-testing program hinges on the same uniform application.

“If allowed to stand, this ruling would compromise the stability of competition and undermine the public’s confidence — a result that benefits no one.”

I totally agree — wait a minute, the NHL?Are they still in business?Come on, at least use a sport that matters.

You might as well consider an amicus from the peewee junior beach tennis association or the National Darts League or the Toy Train Aficionados as well.