Dwayne Wade Sues Some Lawyers Over STD.

Hey Dwayne, I like you and all, but suing the lawyers representing your wife seems a bit much:

“They were out to wreck his reputation,” Wade’s attorney Joseph Power Jr. said. “What they put in that pleading is totally false. We’re suing to prevent people from wrecking his reputation and that’s what they did and that’s what they’re doing. That’s not fair play.”

Also named as defendants in the case were: Siohvaughn Wade’s lawyer, Michael Berger, his firm Berger Schatz, and attorney Dorene Marcus and her firm Davis, Friedman, Zavett, Kane, Macrae, Marcus & Rubens.

“I was somewhat surprised they filed the lawsuit,” Berger said “It brings Dwyane Wade’s social life into question. If I were Mr. Wade I would not want that. It will be interesting to know what Mr. Wade’s social life has really been all about.”

Berger said the reason Siohvaughn Wade withdrew the divorce pleading — which he said she has the right to re-file — to “calm matters” between the couple.

“I suppose this brings it back 180 degrees,” said Berger, who would not comment on whether his client will re-file the allegation Wade gave his wife an STD.

Can someone explain Dwayne’s legal strategy here? These allegations are awfully difficult to prove, especially as to the lawyers, and now he has put all of this back and forth back on the media frontburner.

Maybe he doesn’t know that lawyers buy a lot of the expensive seats at AAA.