Florida Joins UN International Arbitration New World Order!

You know how tea partiers/conservatives always rail about the UN, “foreign law,” and that whole pesky New World Order thing?

Well, you better not tell them Florida is poised to adopt — gasp! — UN standards for international arbitration:

The Bar’s international law section, hopes the bill and new rule will prompt more companies to use Miami as their seat for arbitration because attorneys all over the world are familiar with the UNCITRAL model.
shim-7275216With South Florida’s high concentration of bilingual professionals and easy access to Latin America, it’s a convenient spot to conduct international arbitration, he said.


“The whole vantage point here is an international one,” Palmer said. “You have to be very mindful of what someone in London thinks, what someone in Stockholm thinks. There’s no particular problem with the old law. Just nobody knows what it is. Everyone in international arbitration knows this law.”

Got it……commies!

Using that logic, we might as well start counting in grams or meters or whatever the hail they use to count cheese-eating surrender monkeys in France.

UNCITRAL — that was the computer from 2001: A Space Odyssey?

BTW, I wonder what Marco Rubio thinks of this egregious international intrusion into our state’s sovereignty?