Gelber v. Aronberg — Getting Dirty.

I’m not referring to their handsome faces of course.

I mean that accusations are flying and so is the mud as we get closer to the AG primary:

“In his ad, Aronberg calls Gelber a ‘Miami lawyer.’ This is both unseemly and ironic, considering Aronberg was himself a Miami lawyer,” said Christian Ulvert, Gelber‘s campaign manager. “Dave Aronberg should end his outrageous and false attacks on Dan Gelber. Newspapers across the state have overwhelmingly said Dave Aronberg is engaging in a manufactured campaign that is simply dishonest.

This is true — they were (are?) both “Miami lawyers.” But I don’t get why this is a pejorative. Let’s face it kids, Miami is where most of the sophisticated business transactions and litigation occurs in the state, and thus has the most sophisticated bar and judiciary in the state.
Or is that type of exceptionalism “unseemly”?