Gene Stearns Moves to Reconsider Rosh Hashanah Sanctions Motion!

Our post yesterday on Judge Freeman’s sanctioning of Stearns Weaver for refusing to move a deposition scheduled for Rosh Hashanah was picked up by ATL (thanks Staci!).

Now Gene Stearns is back before Judge Freeman, asking her to reconsider baby:

The Court should reconsider and vacate the portion of its September 27,2011 Order Granting Dupont’s Motion for Protective Order, to the extent that it awards attomeys’ fees against Plaintiffs’ counsel, without permitting Plaintiffls counsel to explain the circumstances that led to its position. In his entire career, Plaintiff’s counsel has never been sanctioned. A finding of sanctions here, without even hearing Plaintiff s explanation of the circumstances, is not consistent with Florida law.

Read it and decide for yourself. 

If the judge grants this someone please let me know.