Hey, Something Good Happened!

I’ve received a fair share of emails noting a perceived increase in cynicism or even pessimism at the blog recently. All I can say is this is not a new condition and I’ve pretty much been this way since birth:

“Ma, only one boob at a time?  But why???”

And I still feel that way. (Indeed, this may explain a lot.)

Regardless, it’s nice to post something positive about the South Florida legal community every once in a while:

More than 500 well-heeled guests showed up at the elegant ballroom of the Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach to witness history on Saturday.
John Howe, 38, became the first African-American president of the Palm Beach County Bar Association (PBCBA). The group, comprising some 3,000 lawyers in a county deemed one of the wealthiest in the state, at one point did not accept blacks as members.

Howe, who is of Jamaican descent but was born in West Palm Beach, said he is following in the footsteps of a handful of blacks who fought to integrate the association in 1963.

This is a huge milestone and even though it should have happened years ago, John’s induction as President is great news.

Congratulations John!