Judge Seitz Locates “Kingdom of God” At Sentencing Hearing!


Apparently this idiot defendant ripped off Medicare, blew $60k on a fancy dinner at The Forge and then attempted to describe himself to Judge Seitz as generous (maybe to Shareef Malnik!), prompting the Judge to say this:

“The kingdom of God is not in fancy cars or $60,000 dinners,” Seitz told the 38-year-old Marquez, whose parents, wife and others attended the hearing. ‘The kingdom of God is in service to others.”

This is interesting.

As a Jew, we’re taught that God’s spark appears in all things, and that one can find spirituality in even the most mundane activities including having a meal (not to get all motorcycle-maintenancey on everyone).

But I would say, strictly in terms of dinner, the “Kingdom of God” can usually be found in a nice early bird and a discount movie.

On the other hand, I could potentially see the defendant’s point if say the dinner retailed at $180k and he just happened to strike a really good deal.

Otherwise I’m totally with the Judge on this one.