Kiss the Blarney Stone, You Plebes!

So as I do every St. Patty’s Day, my day began in the normal fashion — an early morning viewing of the 1985 lost classic “Troll,” while sipping a stiff Irish coffee, followed by a Murphy’s/naturebee double shot chaser.Oh it’s gonna be a good day.

I then did a few edits to Judge Zloch’s memo to Chief Judge Moreno, pdfed it on over to the courthouse, and then jumped in the hot tub for an extended bath. I even exfoliated!

Who knew by the time I got in this morning intrepid reporter Julie Kay was all over the story:

Recipients of the Zloch memo said they were stunned and certain Graham was not behind it. Moreno’s subsequent memos were sent internally only to members of the bench.
shim-1300533“This is family,” U.S. Magistrate Judge Peter Palermo in Miami said. “I love Judge Moreno. What Judge Zloch did was a surprise, and the way he did it. It’s a family affair. And I know Judge Graham is not that type of guy.”


When asked what he felt motivated Zloch, Palermo said: “The memo speaks for itself. You’d have to ask Judge Zloch.”

Just another day in paradise, people.

Sheesh it’s not even 9 a.m. and my work here is almost done!