Marc Randazza Continues To Rule Our (Cyber) World.

We’ve previously discussed Marc Randazza’s particular brand of legal brilliance, not to mention his great and utterly profane blog The Legal Satyricon.

Now, fresh off beating Glenn Beck to a bloody pulp, and forcing UM Professor Donald Jones to come to his senses about that meshuga complaint he filed, Marc has arrived to rescue some poor schmuck who tweeted and Facebooked a few times about a negative experience at a South Florida auto dealer.

Turns out this guy’s tweets led to a “Dear John, We’re About To Sue You” letter from West Palm attorney Douglas Thompson.

Randazza has written a responsive letter, pleading with Doug’s client to get a little bit hipper to the way of the tubes:

“I must also point out how utterly foolish it would be for your client to do anything except back away from this dispute,” Randazza wrote. “My client posted his tweets about your client six weeks ago. A few of his friends and family had a chuckle about them, Mr. Alascio became bored with the subject, moved on, and it was all doomed to fade into obscurity. Because your client chose to attempt to bully my client into removing his obscure tweets, thousands of people are now aware of the fact that Route 60 Hyundai has customer service issues, and even more are aware of the fact that Route 60 Hyundai is trying to intimidate a dissatisfied customer from sharing his opinions.

“You may wish to do some research on a concept known as the ‘Streisand effect’ before advising your client further …”

So true.See this is where you have to advise your client to do the smart thing, not the one that “feels good,” or “pays the bills” or is “legally tenable.”

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