Michael Pizzi Gets $500 an Hour?

pizzi-4466730 Strike that.

I meant to say Michael Pizzi gets $500 an hour!

Well, except when he’s trying to seal a deal:

The tipping point came when Pizzi offered to undercut Wolfe’s fee. Though Wolfe’s firm billed the city $85 per hour, Pizzi said he would beat this price.

“My typical rate is $500 per hour, but I will accept the reduced rate of $80 per hour in order to assist your city,” said Pizzi, who insisted that any agreement be made not with him but rather with his law firm, Michael A. Pizzi LLC. The council did not immediately decide how many hours per week they planned to pay for Pizzi’s services.

Eighty bucks an hour?

Wow, I’ve got a landscaper that bills at a higher rate.

This is truly a magnanimous gesture (unless, perhaps, for Mel Wolfe).