Parsing the JFK Digital Archive.


Have any of you guys had a chance to go through the new JFK digital archive, fully text-searchable and available here?

It’s actually pretty neat.

After the usual searches I’m sure everyone has already done (Inga Arvad, Hitler, Bo Derek) I came across an interesting conversation between legendary Miami News editor Bill Baggs and JFK, in which Bill is doing a hard-sell to the President on the doomed Interama Project, which was supposed to be built over where FIU North is today.

You can listen to the entire phone call here, and the transcript is here.

To be honest, I happen to agree with Jack — it would have been intriguing but probably a huge waste of money, and given us very little in return for the sizable Fed investment.

Extra credit — here is Kennedy speaking at the 163rd Street Shopping Center(!) — no doubt right in front of the old amusement arcade.