Scott Salomon Not “Evil” Or “Wicked,” According to Scott Salomon

They say all news is good news, so by that standard Scott Salomon, Coral Springs attorney and former lawyer for Backstreeter Nick Carter, must be thrilled:

The state Supreme Court issued an emergency suspension. The Florida bar declared that Salomon “has caused and continues to cause great public harm.””Have you told all your clients that you’ve been suspended as required by the state supreme court?” Burnside asked Salomon.”We’ve done what was needed to be done, and other than that I have no comment,” Salomon said.”But the state supreme court said that you had to immediately notify all your clients. Have you done that yet Mr. Salomon?” Burnside asked.”I have no comment,” he said.Salomon did comment in court papers, saying his suspension is “unconscionable,” based on “trivial matters,” “frivolous” and a vendetta by the bar. Clients need him, he said.Clients who talked to NBC 6 said they remained mystified by one thing:”Mr. Salomon, your clients just want to know one thing. Why? Why have you treated them like this?” Burnside asked.”I have no comment, but I’ve spoken to many of my clients and we’ll just leave it at that,” Salomon said.”But they say that you’ve taken their money with almost no work, and in many cases, left some of their lives in ruin,” Burnside said.”I believe I’ve answered your questions,” Salomon said.

In a later e-mail, Salomon hurled venomous insults at his clients but expressed mild remorse and said he’s not “evil” and “wicked,” Burnside reported.

Ok then, case closed! You can read more about Scott’s colorful press coverage here, including a run-in with intrepid reporter and SFL fave Julie Kay.