SFL Friday — Bring On the Pain.

So it’s Friday, the Dolphins start up tomorrow, and apparently we found an old Jets quarterback to save our team. Welcome back, Ray Lucas!

Meanwhile, although our County can afford to hand over hundreds of millions in taxpayer money to the failing Marlins organization, we apparently can’t afford a decent school system, court system, road system — hail, with gas prices going through the roof it’s apparently the perfect time to cut one of the few successful examples of mass transit in South Florida:

If you take the shuttle to get to Miami Dolphins games, you’re going to have to find another way to get there.

After 30 years, Miami-Dade Transit announced Wednesday it will no longer provide park-and-ride shuttle services to Dolphins football games, starting with Saturday’s game.

MDT blames the decision on budget constraints and a new Federal Transit Administration rule that prohibits transit agencies from charging special fares for shuttle services to local events.

Makes sense to me!

Anyways, ever get a tune in your head that won’t leave for no apparent reason? “Earworms,” they are called. I’ve had Chris Cornell playing in my head all morning:

Feel the rhythm with your handsSteal the rhythm while you can, spoonmanSpeak the rhythm on your ownSpeak the rhythm all alone, spoonmanSpoonman, come together with your handsSave me, Im together with your plan

Save me

So much to save, so little time. See you all at the game tomorrow, where I’ll be wearing my treasured game day jersey. Have a great weekend everyone!