SFL Friday — Living In The Past Edition

I see from an earlier comment thread that you folks are in a nostalgic sort of mood.

Hey that’s alright — turns out it’s ok to grow old after all:

Turns out the older set may even have an advantage. Whereas early love activates brain regions thought to be responsible for those can’t-stop-thinking-about-you love pangs, more mature passion lights up areas where the “bonding” or “cuddle” hormone oxytocin is active. “Sexual liveliness can be equally strong for both,” says Aron, “but long-term love doesn’t have the jealousy or obsession that occurs when you’ve just fallen in love.”

No one has yet determined exactly how to light up the brain’s passion centers. But research shows that couples feel more attracted to one another after they’ve engaged in novel, challenging activities–like being tied together in a three-legged race–than after taking part in a routine pleasurable activity like sharing an ice-cream sundae. Fisher says it probably has something to do with challenge that causes a surge in dopamine. Rock climbing isn’t necessary; Aron and his wife recently found it quite arousing to go to a bar for the first time in 10 years. “It was challenging for us just to walk in and figure out what to order,” he says. Making it a point to celebrate good things together, like job promotions or prestigious awards, also has been shown to fuel passion, probably because of that shared dopamine surge.

So crank up your dopamines and invite a special someone to do something challenging this weekend.

From the ironies abound department, poor old R. Allen Stanford can’t find himself a lawyer. Has he tried this one? I hear he’s somewhat selective but what the hail it’s worth a try.

Meanwhile, Glenn Garvin previews his big Sunday suck up of Bill O’Reilly. How surprising of you, Glenn! Way to really think outside the box — that guy always keeps us guessing.

Well, besides ignoring parts of the Sunday Herald, this weekend I plan on being more generous, getting in on some White House conference calls, and I definitely will be loosening my collar, tie, and shirtsleeves for no apparent reason.

The more things change…..

Have a great weekend everyone!