SFL Friday — Memorial Day Edition!

So if you just must read Judge Farina’s recent Chinese Drywall class certification order, I created a Scribd thingy-dingy for your eyes only, right here.

Boy Victor’s a good writer!

(I kid, I kid)

Whoa — Gary Coleman, RIP.

This may not surprise anyone, but I was more upset when we lost Dana Plato.

Alright let’s move on to something pleasant, like a nice long All-American three day weekend.I hope you have something spectacular scheduled.

My plans are fairly conventional — I intend to commiserate with my Indian brothers, consider what exactly is wrong with Nicholas Cage, and what do I always say — it does in fact always come back to the Germans.

BTW, there’s a reason you can sleep in Monday morning, show up way late at the office for a few hours, bill 9.4 hours, and cut out by two. Try to fit that in if you can, ok?

Have a great Memorial Day weekend!