SFL Friday — Perform Some Public Service, Plebes!

king_kong1976poster-8296457Well kids today is Friday but it’s also the eighth anniversary of 9/11.Talk about cognitive dissonance.It’s a shame that eight years later the legacy of 9/11 can be polarizing to some.

Still, for a moment put aside the regrettable politicization and manipulation, and remember the lives lost, the heroes found, the challenges our nation faced that day and those we will continue to face and must defeat in order preserve our sometimes-flawed but great democracy.

I even found President Bush’s words that day moving:

“Today, our nation saw evil, the very worst of human nature, and we responded with the best of America.”

True dat.

This may not be very surprising, but I really like the idea of performing public service as a way of paying tribute to the rescue teams who rushed in to save lives on 9/11, as well as a way to allow us to participate in a greater good on an otherwise somber day.

As lawyers we are fortunate to have so many chances to put something back, pun intended, and our range of possibilities should of course include nonlegal service opportunities (just like regular folks).

When was the last time you staffed a small claims clinic? Took a pro bono case? Gave time to a nonprofit or charity (raising money counts, btw).Well that’s enough about that so let’s get ready for the weekend.

As usual I am heading out early so I can help spread the oxytocin, trade in my Prius, and catch this Slovenian arts festival.

What? I’m a fan of good advertising.

Have a great weekend everybody!