SFL Friday — So, Did Anyone Die Recently?

Hi kids, since I’m a blogger I suppose I have to comment on all the dead folks who have died recently. That would include Ed McMahon (his performance as a slimy, lecherous boss in Fun With Dick and Jane was a keeper), Farrah Fawcett (who can forget her in a robe that just won’t stay on, a bed, and a horny robot in Saturn 3), and of course Michael Jackson.As sad as it is to say, Jackson’s passing will inevitably help his legacy. Most artists have a creative window of three to five years, during which they produce their greatest work, followed by a lengthy fallow period with episodic glimpses of what made them so great in the first place.

Consider the case of Stevie Wonder. If Stevie had died right after producing his remarkable run of groundbreaking records in the mid-70s — including Innervisions, Fulfillness’ First Finale, and Songs in the Key of Life — he would have been remembered as one of the greatest artists of all time with a career trajectory that would have generated dozens of amazing records.

Instead he lived and wrote a double-album about plants, produced one of the most annoying songs in world history (“I Just Called To Say I Love You”), and sang about having a “Part-Time Lover.”Oy.

So Michael’s relatively early passing will force us to reminisce and focus on all the good stuff (of which there was many), and not that awful last record or all of his bizarre personal issues.

RIP.Well, I’m off early today to take advantage of this glorious windsurfing weather.

I may head back to the office later today, but if not remember to speak to judges only in their right ear, consider the meaning of the “Coyote Syndrome,” and think about joining an elite worldwide community.

Have a great weekend everybody!