SFL Friday — Welcome, Guest Blogger!

Well kids, my day job has decided to intrude upon the part of my practice I like best — foolin’ around with you knuckleheads.So as I prepare for and hopefully execute flawlessly various Important Legal Stuff over the next few days, I will leave you in the steady hands of Guest Blogger, probably until around sometime Monday, when I can get back to focusing on what really matters.

I have imparted to him the advice that Frank Sinatra passed on to Shecky Greene, “don’t work blue,” and Guest Blogger has agreed to clean up his act and not offend anybody while I’m away.

I’ll check in periodically to make sure all you smart lawyers and judges are playing nice and saying only really positive and life-affirming things about each other. Just pretend your mom (or Judge Shepherd) is reading this blog and knows who you are.

Have fun!