Tom Cardwell Fights For the Poor and Underprivileged!

There’s no greater victim in this whole economic meltdown than the poor and beleaguered bailout bank exec, especially now that noted Black Socialist Muslim Barack Obama wants to limit their pay to a measly half million.Sheesh, that guy’s a failure already!

Fortunately, those downtrodden and penniless bankers have a friend in Akerman attorney J. Thomas Cardwell, who will do everything possible to ensure these bailout bankers personally rake in as much taxpayer money as possible…..for the good of the country:

”The idea that you would take institutions that are not doing well and limit their ability to hire and retain the best talent seems counterintuitive to me,” said J. Thomas Cardwell, general counsel to the Florida Bankers Association and an attorney with the Akerman Senterfitt firm. “I think it could lead to unfortunate results.”

“Unfortuate results”? You’re not kidding — these folks could only earn a half-million! I’d call that tragic.God bless you, Mr. Cardwell.

BTW, could it be merely a coincidence that Cardwell is only two names away from one of our favorite Akerman attorneys?

I’m starting to get that feeling again….