Two of the better Hicks Op-Eds

I’m sure many readers will disagree with me about their merits, but I like these two op-eds.  The critics who proclaimed Hicks was an innocent have a lot less left to argue with now.  Granted, they may argue about a flawed process, but on the merits Hicks has definitively admitted his guilt. 

First, writing in The Daily Telegraph, Luke Mcllveen states that “Hicks is damned by his words.”

NO MATTER what David Hicks or his undergraduate groupies say, the incontestable fact is he has pleaded guilty to supporting terrorists

The low-life from the outskirts of Adelaide is likely to be home by the end of the year and you can already picture the crowds of Austudy-dredgers who will gather at the airport to greet his arrival.

But they should be clear on this: the man they’ve painted as an innocent adventurer is an assistant to terrorists by his own admission.

The argument of those who have staked their reputations on his innocence will be that the grossly unfair military tribunal in Guantanamo Bay forced his hand and that he only pleaded guilty to secure his freedom.

Well, if you believe that you’ll believe anything.

Second, writing in The Australian, Janet Albrechtsen declares “Gun-toting jihadi was not an angel.” 

An excerpt:

Finally, David Hicks, also known as Abu Muslim al Australia, aka Abu Muslim Phillipine, aka Muhammed Dawood, has pleaded guilty to the charge of providing material support for terrorism.  And now watch as the real PR campaign goes into angelic overdrive.  His vociferous cheer squad will proclaim his innocence, declaring the plea was the only way for Hicks to get out of Guantanamo Bay. 

* * * *

Forget about the ads where his father, Terry Hicks, declared his love for his son. Let’s come back to the inconvenient aspects of the Hicks saga, those that never make it on to a “Free Hicks” billboard: the law and the facts.

First to the law. His supporters have long claimed that what Hicks has or has not done is not the issue. It’s about justice, they say. And now they will say pleading guilty was Hicks’s only way to avoid a kangaroo court, the US Military Commission. 

* * * *

Now to the facts. Hicks has pleaded guilty to his extensive links to terrorist organisations and his activities in Afghanistan, where he met Osama bin Laden and completed al-Qa’ida training courses. 

* * * *

Long before his admission yesterday, Hicks has made plenty of other, earlier admissions: training with the Kosovo Liberation Army in Albania and fighting with Lashkar-e-Toiba, where he “got to fire hundreds of rounds” into Indian-controlled Kashmir. In letters home to dad, he called himself a “well-trained and practical soldier”. He admitted to preparing for martyrdom because “the highest position in heaven” goes to those who “go fighting in the way of God against the friends of Satan”.