Vote, You Plebs!

Being high-information consumers, and given that there are judges up for election today, I hope you all don’t need to be reminded to vote.But remember to let your employees out early so they can get to the polling precinct, and maybe all you smart lawyers can even become part of the polling process for November to help make sure the election runs as smoothly as possible — given the reality that the election is ultimately in the hands of Miami-Dade County officials.On the various judicial candidates, I take the long view. There are always qualified and less-qualified candidates, and as a practitioner it seems change comes in increments, and even then only in spurts, and that all assumes the change is positive. Can you turn a cruise ship on a dime?

To paraphrase my pal Rummy, you go to the polls with the candidates you have, not necessarily the candidate you want. Either way, go to the polls.